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Sveti Stefan

Like a stone ship grounded to the shore, the islet of Sveti Stefan lies “anchored” in the midst of the Budva Riviera. A former fishermen’s village, first mentioned in the written documents in 1442, became world famous in 1960 as a unique hotel-town with comfortable villas and luxurious apartments. According to tradition, the Pastrovici family erected this settlement using the treasure they had stolen from the Turks in the XV century. Centuries later, the town of Sveti Stefan became the residence of the Pastrovici. It was the seat of their court called ‘bankada’ where they held sessions and made decisions. This tradition is still alive.

The main industry of the former residents of this islet was fishing and olive growing. Hard life and poverty forced many of them to leave forever in search of a better life. This path led them towards Constantinople and for some towards America
and even the far away Australia. By the end of the World War II, the island was almost deserted. Thanks to the idea of the distinguished Montenegrin painters Lubarda and Milunovic, forty years ago, the hotel-town welcomed its first guests. Soon after, it received a flattering title of one of the most exclusive resorts in the world. Statesmen, high officials, industrialists, film stars and sportsmen are its customers, especially in the prestigious and legendary villa “118”, where the daily rent goes up to 1.500 US dollars.

“… As if I have just returned to town from the most beautiful fairytale of my childhood.”

said Sophia Lauren, the famous Italian film star, while visiting Sveti Stefan.



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