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Menù del ristorante

Menù del ristorante

Offriamo un ricco menù. 
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Cold appetizers and salads

Beef carpaccio 120 g (steak, basil, three types of oil)  12.50€
Chicken Salad 250 g (chicken, asparagus, cherry tomatos, rucola, cheese, olive oil)  8.50€
Steak Salad 250 g (steak, mushrooms, tomatoes, Parmesan cheese, toast, olive oil 10.00€
Octopus salad 250 g (octopus, cherry tomatos, rucola, garilic, basil, olive oil)  15.00€
Salad with prawns and apple 250 g (Prawns, apples, mushrooms, cherry tomatos)  16.00€
Seafood Salad 250 g (mussels, clams, mushrooms, cherry tomatos)  11.00€
Salad of fresh red tuna 300 g (red tuna rucola, chicory, fresh mushrooms, cherry tomatos, lettuce, olive oil, sesame oil)  14.00€
Sopska salad 250 g (tomatos, cucumber, onion, chili pepper, cheese)  4.00€
Greek salad 250 g (peppers, cucumbers, tomatos, olives, cheese, oregano)  5.00€
Seasonal mixed salad 200 g (lettuce, cucumber, tomato, chicory, pepper)  3.50€
Salad rocket, four tomatos and mozzarela 250 g (rucola, four tomatos, mozzarella, olive oil, aceto)  7.00€
Montenegro s platter ’ 400 g (Domestic Prosciutto, Njegushi cheese, cream, olives, Domestic beef ham)  15.00€
Domestic goat Cheese 180 g (domestic goat cheese)  9.00€
Domestic Prosciutto 180 g (prosciutto, tomato, lettuce)  8.00€
Cheese 180 g (Njegushi cheese, local cheese, smoked cheese,plant based chesse)  7.00€
Breaded olives 250 g (black olives, green olives, Tartar Sauce)  4.00€


Hot hors d'oeuvres, pasta and risotto

Spaghetti Montenegro 200 g (smoked ham, mushrooms, gorgonzola, sour cream)  11.00€
Chicken risotto with mushrooms 300 g (chicken, mushrooms, rice, parmesan)  10.00€
Tagliatelle with salmon and spinach 250 g (tagliatelle, salmon, spinach, neutral cream)  14.00€
Black rissoto 300 g (cuttle fish, onion, red wine, olive oil, cuttle fish, rice)  11.00€
Red rissoto 300 g (red prawns, white wine, tomatoes, rice)  10.00€
Vegetable rissoto 300 g (onions, mushrooms, zucchini, carrot, broccoli, rice)  8.00€
Hommade gnocchi in mild spinach sauce 300 g (spinach, rucola, cheese, flour, white wine)  9.50€
Spaghetti with seafood 200 g (squid, prawns, mussles, vangole, crabi, octpus, white wine, tomato)  10.00€
Spaghetti prawns in a sauce provencal 200 g (prawns, tomatoes, white wine, onoins, olive)  14.00€
Macaroni with four cheese 200 g (cream, gorgonzola, cheese, cream, smoked cheese)  9.50€
Tagliatelle Sicily 200 g (ham, bacon, mushrooms, zucchini, sour cram, tomatoes, tomato sauce)  10.00€


Soups / Broths

Fish soup 250 dl  4.50€
Veal soup 250 dl  4.00€
Chicken soup 250 dl  4.00€
Vegetable soup 250 dl  4.50€
Pottage of 3 types of mushrooms 250 dl  5.00€
Pottage of asparagus and spinach 250 dl  5.00€
Pottage of carrot and orange 250 dl   6.00€


Fish / Fish Main Course

Stuffed sea bass 280 g (sea bass fillet, prawns, vegetables, wine sauce) 18.00€
Sea bream with vegetable sauce 200 g (sea bream, vegetable, tomato sauce)  16.00€
Monk Fish baked in parmesan cheese sauce and truffle 250 g (Monk Fish, truffle, parmesan, vegetables)  23.00€
Fried prawns 400 g (prawns, grill, vegetables, tartar sauce)  23.00€
Marinated salmon grilled in sauce of 3 types of mushrooms 250 g (samon fillet, vegetables, mushrooms)  19.50€
Grilled squid 180 g (squid, vegetables, olive oil)  11.50€
Squid stuffed prawns 220 g 16.50€
Fish platter St.Stephan 1 kg (prawnse, sea bass, octopus, gilthead, squid, risotto)  55.00€
Fish 1st 1 kg  45.00€
Grilled octopus with vegetable 250 g (octopus, vegetables mix)  19.00€
Grilled red tuna with vegetables in cream sauce 250 g (red tuna, vegetables, neutral cream)  18.00€
Stew of prawns 300 g (prawns, onions, tomatoes, white wine)  17.50€
Griled prawns 400 g (prawns, rice, potato chips)  22.50€
Prawns in the red pepper sauce and soy germ 220 g (Prawns, red pepper, soybean sprouts, sour cream and rice)  19.00€
Grilled sea bass 200 g (sea bass, olive oil, vegetables)  15.00€


Meat / Meat Main Course

Beef steak with griled vegetable 250 g (steak, vegetable)  17.00€
Chicken hat with sauce of mushrooms 250 g (chicken white meat, beef meat, chesse, spinach, vegetables, mushrooms)  16.00€
Stuffed chicken 220 g (chicken, mozzarella, eggplant, sour cream, gorgonzola, rice)  14.00€
Chicken Karanjen-kaken 250 g (white meat chicken, mushrooms, 3 kinds of teriyaki sauce, rice)  14.00€
Lamb in cream 300 g (lamb, cream, vegetables)  18.00€
Veal medallions with mushrooms 250 g (veal, mushrooms, vegetables, rice)  19.50€
Veal “Montenegro 250 g (veal, domestic prosciutto, cheese, mushrooms, vegetables, rice)  16.50€
Domestic steak 300 g (pork, ham, cheese, vegetables, rice)  14.00€
Meat platter 800 g (chicken, veal, pork, domestic sausage, bacon, vegetables, rice)  35.00€
Turkey in sauce of parmesan asparagus 250 g (turkey, parmesan, asparagus, rice, vegetables)  15.50€
Griled turkey with gnocchi in cheese sauce 250 g (turkey, gnocchi, mix of cheese)  14.50€
Beef Steak tagliata with vegetable tagliatelle 250 g (steak, vegetables, tagliatelle, neutral cream)  18.00€
Beef Steak in truffle sauce 250 g (steak, vegetables, truffle sauce)  25.00€



Tiramisu 150 g  3.00€
Fruit plate 250 g  4.00€
Panckaes with fruit 250 g  5.00€
Pancakes with nutella 250 g 3.50€
Banana split 300 g  4.00€
Strawberries with whipped cream 150 g  4.00€
Ice cream servings 200 g  4.00€


Fresh Shells ans Crawfish

Lobster 1 kg  120.00€
Carlo 1 kg  120.00€
Langouste 1 kg  120.00€
Oysters 1 pcs  6.00€
Mix shells 500 g  16.00€

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